Erna Cabuguas asked us, “Hi can someone show me how to disable the VoiceMail in call whisper..
– If the User does not answer the whisper call, can we turn off the VoiceMail that the Whisper call leaves, they don’t have to be saved to the Voicemail…

I saw this option in the Call action -> Disable voicemail detect
Will this turn off the Voicemail?

Another question:
– If User does answer and the whisper call dials the Leads #, if the lead does NOT answer – the User is unable to leave a VM. However, if they dial direct to the lead’s phone number, they can leave a Voicemail.

Please help, thank you…”


“If you have a voicemail saved in your account, it will play if a user won’t answer the call. If you don’t want this, you can just remove the voicemail.
The Disable Voicemail Detect option on the Call action is a feature to help the system know if the connected call is a voicemail or the contact itself.”

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