Ringy is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system designed to help businesses manage sales, customer service, and marketing activities. But how much does Ringy cost?

Ringy is offered as a subscription service with prices starting at $109 per month. This includes many features, plus access to the Ringy mobile app. While this is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, it is still a great value for the features it offers.

However, there are other CRM options available that may be better than Ringy. Agent CRM is one such alternative and it is priced at $97 per user per month. This price is significantly lower than Ringy’s price, and Agent CRM offers a wide range of features and benefits that may make it a better option for some businesses.

In addition to a lower price, Agent CRM also offers a more comprehensive feature set than Ringy. It includes a wide range of automated workflows, customer segmentation capabilities, and real-time analytics. It also integrates with popular email and chat services, so you can manage customer conversations from within the CRM.

Ultimately, the decision of which CRM platform to use comes down to the needs of your business. Ringy is a great choice for businesses looking for an easy-to-use CRM with basic features, but Agent CRM may be a better option for those looking for a more comprehensive solution. It is important to weigh the features and cost of each option to determine which one is best for your business.

Overall, Agent CRM is an affordable customer service platform that offers a comprehensive suite of features. While it may not be the most advanced platform on the market, it is an attractive option for businesses that need a reliable customer service platform at an affordable price.

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