Agent CRM Vs. Pipeline Pro: An Overview

Agent CRM

Agent CRM is a complete lead-generating and marketing platform made to meet all of your company’s requirements. Every marketer and business owner can fully equip their enterprise with the fresh touch of automation using Agent CRM.

Lead generation and marketing have advanced thanks to techniques like SMS marketing, email marketing, power dialers, call tracking, analytics, and more. In addition, because the process is automated, there won’t be any delays in receiving, capturing, and converting leads.

Pipeline Pro

Pipeline Pro is a management and marketing automation platform that enables the creation of the ultimate sales pipeline dashboards.

Which has a better customer support service?

You must establish a relationship with your clients to provide good customer service. Agent CRM uses various support channels to quickly turn around time for service requests, responding to all customer feedback, whether favorable or unfavorable.

On the other hand, Pipeline Pro also facilitates customer requests through its live chat support system.

Let’s go through the customer support services of Agent CRM and Pipeline Pro.

Agent CRM Customer Support Services

Any tool must have support; it is a fundamental component. Agent CRM offers dynamic and active help across various platforms to respond to its users’ questions. You have several ways to get in touch with Agent CRM’s specialized support, including phone, email, live chat, daily zoom calls, and telephone.

Pipeline Pro Customer Support Services

Pipeline Pro CRM offers live chat support services for customers. During business hours, you may ask questions live in the Pipeline Pro Dashboard and receive immediate answers from a tech support agent!

Who’s got the better edge?

Agent CRM and Pipeline Pro play a vital role in satisfying customer needs. However, agent CRM has a slight edge over Pipeline Pro regarding support services as it gives the customers multiple channels for support, including phone, email, live chat, and daily zoom calls.

On the other hand, Pipeline Pro only offers live chat support services for customers.

Customer Review

Hey folks, have you seen some of the offerings out there for a CRM for $37 lifetime access? DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

It’s a bare-bones system with no automation or communications abilities. No API. No prebuilt funnels or anything. You won’t be happy. You have to pay an extra monthly fee for all of the good stuff.

I paid the $37 to see what the catch was. Came with a 30-day guarantee so I have already requested my refund. 🙂

What sets Agent CRM apart is Alex and his team! All of the prebuilt funnels etc. that they provided have already been tested and refined. The other thing that is superior at Agent CRM is support.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up!


Agent CRM remains one of the best options to streamline the critical aspects of your business regarding marketing and workflow automation. Agent CRM is bundled with many key features such as email, two-way SMS marketing, power dialer, and support services. 

It is a perfect CRM for insurance agents. Support makes it an ideal candidate to be chosen and tested by every business today. In addition, affordability and longevity add value to Agent CRM’s appeal.

So we recommend Agent CRM!

Sign up today for a free Agent CRM trial account!

Support Options Comparison

Feature Agent CRM Pipeline Pro
Phone Yes No
Email Yes No
Live Chat Yes Yes
Zoom Calls Yes No


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