Hey, what’s up? It’s Alex Branning. Let’s talk about FCC regulations and what to do now. We get a lot of questions around this.


Understanding FCC Regulations

🔍 There’s a lot of anxiety about what to do with the new FCC regulations. How do we move forward? What are the things that I, as an agent, need to make sure that I do? So I’m going to answer those questions for you in this short 4-minute video.

FCC Regulations Overview

🌐 FCC has gone out of their way this time and said “we are protecting consumers from having their information shared over and over and over again,” because consumers were just getting blasted with telephone calls and text messages from people that they did not explicitly give permission to. Basically, spam was going through the roof.

Implications for Lead Generation: Leads for Organization vs Leads for Person

🌱 What does that mean for you? That means that you should be getting your own leads to generate your own leads. If the person opts into your Facebook ad, goes on to your landing page, or calls your number first, they’re giving you explicit right to contact, so you’re good.

Let’s pick a big name in the industry – Family First Life. An ad for Family First Life shows up; somebody fills in the form and says, “I’d like information about life insurance from Family First Life.” Now that lead can be contacted by any member of the Family First Life organization because they’ve given permission to the organization to contact them.

If it is a self-generated lead and it is under the name Alex Branning, for example, that person has given permission to Alex Branning to contact them about whatever services they’re interested in.

Handling Do Not Call Lists

📵 Do not call lists: Getting a lot of questions about this.

  • If they opt into your form, you’re fine, whether they’re on a do not call list or not. If they’re asking you, like, “Hey, can you please sell me some insurance?” So please call them.
  • Leads from before this whole thing took effect still fall under the umbrella, so you still should make sure that the people you are contacting from your old database of leads have given you the right to contact them.
  • If you have a lead in your database that you’ve purchased and you have not gotten a response from them, I would highly recommend that you don’t contact them moving forward unless they fill out a form. So do retargeting ads, try to get them back in, run a Giveaway Funnel and invite them to participate.

Questions About Sharing Leads Within Your Organization

“Can I run on-robin appointments?” Yes, you can. If you’re self-generating your own leads, you can still give those leads out, just make sure that they’re within your organization.

NOTE: When an agent in your organization calls, it is important that the agents say, “Hey, you opted in on Alex’s campaign. Alex has to lead onto me. That is why I am calling you, and I am here to help you with your life insurance or whatever it is that you filled out the form to get information on.”

Adapting to Industry Changes

🔄 Moving forward: Make sure that as you move forward, you are self-generating your own leads. If you do use a lead vendor, make sure you are only buying exclusive leads. Not all lead vendors are out of business. The ones who were doing live transfer calls and things of that nature, they’re still gonna be around and serving the insurance industry.

The people that were selling aged leads or getting one quote request then sending out a whole bunch of folks (I’m not name-dropping – you know who I’m talking about) those people will be out of business or changing up their business model.

Agent CRM’s Support in Compliance

🌐 Agent CRM’s role: If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. We’re here to help. We want to make this super-duper easy for you, and we want to make sure that you stay in compliance. We have a host of tools, ad libraries and courses to help you – check out Agent CRM Marketing+

🛡 Agent CRM support: So that’s what Agent CRM is all about. We help you with your compliance, easy opt-outs, easy unsubscribes, and all your emails, helping you with email deliverability moving forward. A2P registration, the whole nine yards.

We got your back. We want you to stay compliant. Please follow these guidelines to do that.

If you have any questions, reach out to us. We’re here to help!

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