Chris Gallagher asked us, “Technical Question: I am creating three different email lists for three companies I own using various “tags.”
However, how do I send emails to those lists under different email addresses? Example:
#1 List – Ministry sent under one email address
#2 List – Health/Wellness send under a new email address
#3 list – Coaching List send under a coaching email.
Do I create another team member? If so, how do I register a new email address that differs from the admin email?
Thanks in advance.”

“You can control from what name and email address those emails you will be sending out of Agent CRM.
Regardless of where you have created the email, there will be a “From” section where you can add any name and email address. Just take note that those information you will use in the “From” section are verified sender in your SendGrid account (if you are using sendgrid).
Hope this helps! Let us know if you mean a different thing 😃”

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