Dan X Nguyen asked us, “Branning Group Support since Agent CRM cannot handle incoming calls without the mobile app, what set up would you recommend for overseas teams (assuming they don’t want to use their mobile phone) to handle incoming calls?”

“Currently we don’t have anything built within Agent-CRM to receive calls on WebApp.
If they want to receive on computer they can try android emulators out there which runs android Apps on laptop within that emulator..
I never used them but here is the list: https://theqalead.com/tools/best-android-emulator/


Dan X Nguyen asked us, “Thank you🙂 Can Agent CRM route calls to certain groups with team members and/or route calls to outside numbers?”

“It can route call to any number and yes it can be outside Agent-CRM.
What ever you insert in settings -> phone -> click on pencil icon of the number -> add forwarding number.
And calls will be forwarded to that number”

FB Reference: https://www.facebook.com/groups/agentcrmcommunity/posts/629127079017025/