Let me walk you through the game-changing integration QuickMeet has brought to Agent CRM! 🔄


Here’s the step-by-step guide to effortlessly integrate QuickMeet:

1️⃣ Login to Your QuickMeet Account: Dive into the power of QuickMeet by logging in.
2️⃣ Access Settings: Head over to the settings tab.
3️⃣ Seamless Integration: Click on “Add Integration” – it’s a breeze!
4️⃣ Select Your Account: Choose the account you want to add QuickMeet to, grant permission, and voila! 🚀
Now, let’s see how it works within Agent CRM:

🔗 Generate QuickMeet Invites in a Snap:

Type your invite message.
Utilize templates with a click.
🌟 SHABOOM – QuickMeet is ready to roll!
💡 Key Features Inside Agent CRM:
Video conference meeting URL.
Location ID for seamless uploading.
Contact ID for organized conversations.

📹 Automatic Recording: QuickMeet sets it to record automatically. Guests are notified upon entry – hassle-free!

Effortless Post-Meeting Experience:
Recording URL added to contact notes.
Quick access to all QuickMeet links in the notes section.

🤖 Automation at its Best: QuickMeet takes the hassle out, automating your video meetings effortlessly.

Why QuickMeet over Zoom? 🤔
Streamlined processes.
Hassle-free automation.
Phenomenal user experience.
🚨 Don’t Miss Out! Sign Up for QuickMeet NOW! 🚨
I’ve made the switch, and it’s a game-changer. Highly recommend it! 🔥
QuickMeet is our preferred video meeting solution

QuickMeet is our preferred video meeting solution

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