I usually don’t write reviews for support people, because hey, they are customer support… its their job, and they are SUPPOSED to be good at it!
But I cannot express enough how good my experience was with Alyssa from the Agent-CRM support team.

Her exceptional service and dedication turned my bitter frustration into delight, and I can now confidently say that I’m not only staying on as a new client, but I’ve upgraded!

Alyssa truly is a gem in the world of customer support!

Alyssa’s responsiveness and attentiveness to my concerns were nothing short of excellent.
Not only did she promptly address all of my questions and concerns, but she did so with patience and a genuine willingness to assist me.
Alyssa’s ability to guide me in the right direction was invaluable. She not only resolved my immediate issues but also provided me with valuable insights on how to make the most out of my Agent CRM subscription.
Her knowledge was readily evident, making me feel like I was in very capable hands.
The fact that I am not only retaining my subscription but also upgrading is proof of Alyssa’s exceptional customer service.

She has my sincere appreciation and gratitude for her outstanding support today.
Bart Uguccioni

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