Justin Asked us, “AFFILIATES!! – Do you have any suggestions that has worked in regards to getting more and more people to sign up with this amazing software and platform?
I have over 100k contact list and I’d like to know the most effective way to get more sign ups.”

“Great questions! Here’s what I recommend:
1) Schedule a live demo over Zoom and invite your list to join you – this is the fastest way to get your audience to jump in and start a trial
2) Offer a workflow, funnels, etc to help your audience get started fast (all Agent CRM clients get the free onboarding call and Click & Play library, but your audience wants what YOU created)
3) Give a bonus to your audience for starting a free trial, one of our largest affiliates gives an informational course to his audience that sets up a new account. That drives people to take action

One other thing: if you think that your audience would be spurred to take action with one of our courses, let me know. When your affiliate offer is successful, we’re successful – so let me know what we can do to help your audience say “YES” to starting a free trial 🙂”

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