Every business has a customer relationship management (CRM) system that tracks sales activity, lead scoring and management, email tracking, appointment setup, contract and document administration, sales goal planning and tracking, activity monitoring, sales performance, and invoicing and billing. Aggregate client data can be used by businesses to create specialized and focused marketing efforts. To better match client personas, the software can mine data.

We’ll compare the attributes and pricing strategies of Agent CRM vs. Radius Bob to determine which is ideal for your business. It is quick and easy.

Agent CRM vs. Radius Bob: An overview

Let’s examine both possibilities:

Agent CRM

CRM, Email marketing automation tools, text message marketing, and more are all included in Agent CRM as a full package. More than 2,000 other systems, including Facebook, are connected to Agent CRM. No delays or manual work are involved when a new lead is received; the program calls you and quickly connects you with your new prospect.

Radius Bob

Radius Bob includes functionality to make and receive calls straight from the system, eliminating the need for a third-party phone provider. Click-to-Call, Auto Preview Dialer, Local & Toll-Free Numbers, Voicemail to Email, IVR, Call Routing, Call Groups, SMS/Text Messaging, and other features are available.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Insurance Agent CRM

If you’re operating an agency, the effectiveness of your sales agents will directly affect the number of calls they can make, the quality of the connections they create, and the likelihood that a cold call will result in a conversation.

Calls are useless without thorough reporting. Think about the system’s information quality when judging dialers. Call agents should be able to eliminate dropped calls, track call history, and transfer customers to salespeople with ease.

Productivity can be considerably increased for real estate agents by synchronizing their phone activities with a great CRM like Agent CRM. Because agents should have all the information they require to conduct calls correctly without experiencing system hiccups, your agents’ performance depends on a strong CRM integration.

A comparison of features

Email Marketing

You may use the email templates in Agent CRM for a variety of purposes, such as cold outreach and follow-ups. The layouts are easy to customize, and the CRM dashboard allows you to deliver leads right from there. Furthermore, while perusing a lead’s record, you can see every previous email you’ve written to them. Additionally, SMS marketing software can be used. As a bonus, you can respond to all of the emails and text messages from your mobile app in Agent CRM.

Radius Bob is one solution for your agency. Radius Bob can be used to deliver SMS/Text Messages, Auto Responders, Drip Marketing, and Mass Emails without the requirement of a separate email marketing program. Unfortunately, Radius Bob does not have a mobile app so you’ll have to respond to your incoming messages when you’re sitting at a computer.

Sales Automation

The ability to send bulk text messages to lead and client lists is a feature of Agent CRM, which also allows for customizing Pipelines to keep leads and clients organized. It also has the option for Sales Automation.

Radius Bob has gotten close to a fully automated solution. Allow more time for you and your team to set up the software, which has a nice toolkit of sales automation tools.

Integrated VoIP

Your VoIP phone system and your customer relationship management system are integrated through Agent CRM Integration. By integrating different technologies into your customer management system and phone systems, VoIP integration enables agents to eliminate repetitive activities.

Insurance agents can call leads and clients straight from Radius Bob CRM thanks to its built-in telephone technology. No other software is required. Like a call centre, you can place and receive calls.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Almost every action a lead makes on your website can be recorded by Agent CRM. If someone has enrolled by using their email address or clicking a link you gave them, you can view everything they’ve done and what they’re doing in real time. A cookie is placed in their browser by Agent CRM, enabling you to observe their internet usage and gather as much information as you can about your leads before contacting them. The tracking feature undoubtedly dramatically raises your conversion rates.

Each Radius Bob Lead and Client has its history, tasks, reminders, notes, and file storage. Radius Bob Dropbox’s automated email import feature also helps you stay organized. It consists of Time Stamped Notes, Track History, Email Dropbox, Built-in Calendar Tasks & Reminders, and Users for Text Messages.

Text Message Marketing

Agent CRM provides drip campaigns, which are like raindrops that never stop pouring. These are automated long-term campaigns. These long-term campaigns are beneficial in the future for sales and other choices.

Radius Bob can be used to deliver SMS/Text Messages without the requirement of a separate email marketing program.


All functionalities of Agent CRM can be unlocked for just $97. Additionally, it offers a free trial period of two weeks to users.

Radius Bob has a price range of $34 to $732 per user per month for its services.

Which one is best for you?

It is essential for sales agents to use amazing CRMs like Agent CRM and Radius Bob. Comparing your options is crucial when determining which is the best fit for your company.

Radius Bob and Agent CRM can both be used to manage new leads and clients, but Agent CRM places a stronger emphasis on creating and pursuing new prospects.

When an agent is focused on expanding their team, the distinction between Agent CRM and Radius Bob is the most obvious, as Agent CRM allows for unlimited users.


Both systems include limitless Leads & Clients, unlimited file storage, mass email marketing, outbound phoning, interaction with third-party apps, and the opportunity for account admins to assign leads to different team members.

Agent CRM offers a robust CRM with several extras found only in premium CRMs.

After analyzing both systems, we recommend Agent CRM as our insurance agent CRM of choice.

Table of feature comparisons

Feature Agent CRM Radius Bob
Unlimited Team Members Yes No
Unlimited Leads & Clients Yes Yes
Pipelines Yes No
Lead Distribution Yes Yes
Unlimited File Storage Yes Yes
Mass Email Marketing Yes Yes
Mass Text Marketing Yes No
Send Individual Texts Yes Yes
Power Dialer Yes

(only pay carrier fees)


(2,000 minutes for calls only – with available upgrades)

Third-Party App Integration Yes Yes
Funnels & Websites Yes No
Mobile App Yes No
Free Insurance Funnel Templates Yes No
Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates Yes No
Onboarding Zoom Sessions Yes No
Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls Yes No
MONTHLY COST $97 Ranges from $34 – $732


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