Through automation, customer relationship management (CRM) software assists firms in becoming more productive and efficient. Tasks that take a long time can be accomplished faster and with fewer human errors. CRM systems were modeled after the Rolodex and began with handwritten notes. They have progressed and are now saved on individual computers and launched as databases on real servers.

Every organization has a CRM system that includes sales activity, lead scoring and management, email tracking, appointment setting, contract and document administration, sales goal planning and tracking, activity monitoring, sales performance, and invoicing and billing. Businesses can use aggregate client information to develop tailored and targeted marketing campaigns. The software can mine data to better match client personas.

We’ll analyze the features of Agent CRM vs. Phone Burner and pricing methods to discover which one is best for your company. It’s quick and simple.

Agent CRM vs. Phone Burner: An overview

Let’s have a look at both options:

Agent CRM

Agent CRM is a complete solution that includes CRM, email marketing, text message marketing, and more! Agent CRM communicates with Facebook, ClickFunnels, and over 2,000 other systems. When a new lead arrives, the software calls you and promptly connects you with your new prospect (no delays, no manual labor)!

Agent CRM is a bulk email tool, a mass text messaging tool, an appointment organizer, and a virtual assistant all in one! With your Agent CRM account, you have unlimited contacts, limitless emails to send, text messages, voicemail drops, and the ability to set up infinite “smart” triggers… all for one affordable price!

Phone Burner

Phone Burner is a web-based power dialer meant to increase the efficiency of outbound sales agents. It includes superior reporting capabilities for increased sales growth. Use the program to help salespeople reach 80 leads per hour by speeding up the calling process.

The software eliminates the need for manual dialing, automates post-call activities, and allows for one-touch email sending.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Sales Dialer

If you are an insurance agency, the quality of your leads has a direct impact on the number of calls your agents can make, the quality of the connection on those calls, and the possibility that a cold call will turn into a conversation.

Of what use are calls if there is no robust reporting? When evaluating dialers, consider the system’s information quality. Call agents should be able to track call history, easily transfer calls to salespeople, and avoid dropped calls.

Synchronizing your calling activity with your existing CRM for real estate agents can significantly increase productivity. You want agents to have all of the information they need to complete calls properly and without system delays. As a result, a solid CRM integration is critical to the performance of your agents.

A comparison of features

Phone Burner vs Agent CRM: Price Comparison

Power Dialer

The core feature of Agent CRM includes everything your sales staff needs to make calls efficiently and fast. You can make outbound and inbound calls and connect them to your CRM to keep on top of your sales pipeline at all times. It is all due to its power dialer software. CRM for insurance agents is the major feature of Agent CRM which makes it different from all.

Phone Burner, on the other hand, only has a dialer. Even if you’ve never used a CRM with a power dialer before, the interface is clutter-free and very simple to use. Phone Burner claims up to 80 calls per hour, which is possible if you’ve gone through the initial setup and if you have a capable sales team.


Aside from the standard dispositions available following a call, Agent CRM includes built-in, customized Pipelines. The Pipelines are intended to assist users in organizing their leads into distinct stages, detailing where the lead is in the buying process, their lead value, and what form of follow-up is required.

On the other hand in Phone Burner, it does not have the option of Pipelines.

Email Marketing

Agent CRM includes email templates that you may utilize in a variety of situations, from cold outreach to follow-ups. The layouts are simple to customize, and you can send leads directly from the CRM dashboard. Furthermore, you can see all of the prior emails you’ve sent to a lead while browsing their records. You can also use SMS marketing software for marketing through SMS.

Phone Burner may also send emails to your leads. There are a dozen templates to select from, and each one can be personalized with a few clicks and tailored to different campaigns. There is nothing negative to say about this function, except that the number of templates and campaigns could be increased to accommodate a wider range of products and designs.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Agent CRM can record almost every action a lead takes on your website. You can view everything they’ve done and what they’re doing in real time if they’ve registered with their email or clicked a link you’ve sent them. Agent CRM places a cookie in their browser, allowing you to watch their activity within your website and learn everything you can about your leads before making contact. Of course, the tracking tool significantly increases your conversion rates.

Phone Burner’s version of visitor tracking is unique. However, in comparison, it is somewhat limited. You can only track actions that are directly related to the emails you send.

Funnel Builder

The primary disadvantage of the Phone Burner is the lack of a funnel builder tool.

Agent CRM is beneficial because it includes a funnel builder. The funnel can be customized, which makes it useful for marketing.

Text Message Marketing

Agent CRM provides drip campaigns, which are like raindrops that never stop pouring. These are automated long-term campaigns. These long-term campaigns are beneficial in the future for sales and other choices.

There was no option for SMS text messaging in Phone Burner, but it is now available through vPhone, which is included in the Premium Plan.


Agent CRM costs just $97 to unlock all features. Furthermore, it provides its users with a two-week free trial.

Phone Burner starts at $149 per user per month and goes up to $199 per user per month (paid monthly), but this price climbs dramatically if you include the local caller ID service, reaching upwards of $700 per user per month.

Which one is best for you?

Agent CRM and Phone Burner are two competent sales tools that mostly focus on the phone. Their usage, target market, features, and overall performance all overlap significantly. However, there are significant differences that make one of them a better fit for a certain customer.

Phone Burner costs nearly twice as much as Agent CRM, but it includes unlimited sales calls. Agent CRM compensates for this by providing additional capabilities such as its top-of-the-line phone software, Pipelines, Unlimited File Storage, Mass Email Marketing, Mass Text Marketing, and much more.


Agent CRM offers a competitive bundle that includes an amazing power dialer. Agent CRM provides a powerful CRM with a variety of extras seen exclusively in top-tier CRMs.

Overall, Agent CRM packs more punch for a substantially lower price, making it a superior pick for anyone searching for a CRM and power dialer in one. Whereas Phone Burner appears to be more of a power dialer to supplement your existing CRM, Agent CRM appears to be a comprehensive platform for empowering your sales staff.

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Table of feature comparisons



Feature Agent CRM Phone Burner
Power Dialer ✅ Yes




Unlimited Leads & Clients ✅ Yes No

(10,000 per month)

Pipelines ✅ Yes No
Unlimited File Storage ✅ Yes No
Mass Email Marketing ✅ Yes No
Mass Text Marketing ✅ Yes No
Call Tracking & Analytics ✅ Yes Yes
Call Recording ✅ Yes Yes
Call Transfer ✅ Yes Yes
Third-Party App Integration ✅ Yes Yes
Built-In Calendar ✅ Yes No
Custom Calendar Link ✅ Yes No
Appointment Reminders ✅ Yes No
Funnels & Website Hosting ✅ Yes No
Free Insurance Funnel Templates ✅ Yes No
Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates ✅ Yes No
Live Q&A Calls ✅ Yes No
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