One of the most important things for your business to run successfully is to keep track of sales activities, along with managing leads and converting those leads into paying customers. The key pain point for most sales businesses nowadays is having problems managing calls, texts, and emails of prospects.

In this blog post, we will compare all the features of Agent CRM and Ninja Dialer so that you can choose which CRM will be best for your business

Agent CRM vs. Ninja Dialer: An overview

Agent CRM

Agent CRM is a comprehensive solution that includes CRM, email marketing automation tools, text message marketing, insurance software for agents, and more. Agent CRM is linked to a huge number of platforms, including Facebook. When a new lead is received, there are no delays or manual tasks involved because the program calls you and promptly connects you with your new prospect.

Ninja Dialer

Ninja Dialer is a solid fundamental system. The Power Dialer is the primary function of the Ninja Dialer. Other services include local appointment reminders, text messaging, and CRM. Additionally, it provides the Insurance Dialer Solution to the agencies. It helps agencies increase its market sales through automated workflows and managing call activity.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Sales Dialer

There are numerous features to consider here. Each of these will assist you in understanding the best of both.

The number of calls your sales agents can make, the caliber of the connections they make, and the possibility that a cold call will end in a conversation will all be directly impacted by how productive your sales agents are if you run an agency.

If there is no thorough reporting, calls are useless. When evaluating dialers, consider the system’s information quality. Call handlers should be able to easily transfer customers to salespeople, track call histories, and eliminate dropped calls.

Every agent’s productivity can be significantly boosted by integrating a great CRM like Agent CRM with their phone activities. Because agents should be equipped with all the knowledge they need to handle calls appropriately and without any system problems, a solid CRM integration is essential to your agents’ success.

A comparison of features

Power Dialer

The core feature of Agent CRM includes everything your sales staff needs to make calls efficiently and fast. You can make outbound and inbound calls and connect them to your CRM to keep on top of your sales pipeline at all times. It is all due to its power dialer software. CRM for insurance agents is the major feature of Agent CRM which makes it different from all.

Only a single-line dialer is available with Ninja Dialer. Automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on increasing the number of quality interactions and sales.

Email Marketing

The email templates in Agent CRM can be used for several things, including follow-ups and cold outreach. The layouts are simple to alter, and you can deliver leads directly from the CRM dashboard. Additionally, while looking through a lead’s record, you can see every email correspondence you’ve ever had with them. SMS marketing can also be done using the software. Agent CRM‘s mobile app allows you to reply to any emails and text messages.

E-mailing is not a feature of Ninja Dialer.

Text Message Marketing

Drip campaigns, which are offered by Agent CRM, are like never-ending downpours of rain. These are long-term automated campaigns. Future sales and other decisions will benefit from these long-term initiatives.

Through Workflow Automation, Ninja Dialer creates tags and custom dispositions that cause automation to be performed, such as sending emails and texts, leaving voicemails, and scheduling follow-up calls.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Agent CRM can capture almost all actions a lead makes on your website. You can view all of their past and present activity if they signed up with their email address or clicked a link you provided. Agent CRM installs a cookie in their browser to allow you to track their online activity and learn as much as you can about your prospects before contacting them. Without a doubt, the tracking tool significantly increases your conversion rates.

Sales managers may make better data-driven results by using Ninja Dialer analytics. To precisely track how chat time translates into appointments and sales, you may monitor team productivity trends as well as individual productivity. By viewing thorough calling reports, you can gain perspective on appointment planning and sales progress.

Integrated VoIP

Through Agent CRM Integration, your VoIP phone system and customer relationship management system are connected. VoIP integration enables agents to do away with repetitive tasks by integrating various technologies into your customer management system and phone systems.

To simply add Zoom meetings to your calendar, link your Ninja Dialer account to Zoom.


For just $97, all of Agent CRM‘s features can be enabled. Additionally, it provides consumers with a two-week free trial period.

Ninja Dialer charges users between $29 and $999 per month for its services.

Which one is best for you?

Both Agent CRM and Ninja Dialer are excellent tools for power dialing leads, making it very simple to contact leads.

What makes them different if they can both Power Dial. The solution is longevity. Your system for the long term of your business journey is Agent CRM.

In general, Agent CRM will be there for you at every step of the process, including for assistance. Similar to Agent CRM, Ninja Dialer offers email and live chat support.

Agent CRM, however, goes above and beyond by providing Onboarding Zoom Sessions and Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls for all users, in addition to this minimal level of assistance. Ninja Dialer lacks features like power dialing, emailing, funnel creation, and many others that Agent CRM offers.


A fantastic power dialer is included in the competitive bundle that Agent CRM offers. Agent CRM offers a robust CRM with several extras found only in premium CRMs.

Overall, Agent CRM is a better choice for anyone looking for a CRM and power dialer in one because it offers more power for a significantly lesser price. Agent CRM appears to be a comprehensive platform for empowering your sales personnel, in contrast to Ninja Dialer, which appears to be more of a power dialer to augment your current CRM. 

Table of feature comparisons


Agent CRM

Ninja Dialer

Power Dialer Yes

(only pay carrier fees)


(purchase set amount of minutes)

Unlimited Users Yes No

($25/per additional user, 25 users maximum)

Pipelines Yes


Tagging & Triggers Yes



(Coming Soon)

Unlimited File Storage Yes No
Mass Email Marketing Yes No
Mass Text Marketing Yes No
Call Tracking & Analytics Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Yes
Call Transfer Yes No
Local Numbers Yes Yes
Smart Local Caller IDs No Yes
Built-In Calendar Yes


Proximity Calendar No Yes
Custom Calendar Link Yes


Appointment Reminders Yes



(only confirmations)

Funnels & Website Hosting Yes


Free Insurance Funnel Templates Yes No
Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates Yes No
Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls Yes No

(including unlimited users)

$29 to $999

(not including additional users)


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