Johanna Cabrera asked us, “Good afternoon
Here is a question i hope you can help me with this ,
We offered bookkeeping services, we created a funnel and want to follow up for 10 days with emails texts and calls, what is the best way to do this?
Also another question is i created a funnel for set up appointments should this funnel have a domain in order to work or can i just use the regular link that provides AgentCRM and works fine ?”

“You just need to create a trigger that when someone opts in to your funnel (in a form since we’re capturing info) then they get added to a campaign of a series of 10 emails.

Yes, the funnel will work even with the regular AgentCRM link.

For your Calendar funnel, I do recommend using a domain name so that it’s easier for people to type in, like “” or something (not sure if anyone has that domain)”

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