Thomas Ricapito asked us, “Is there a way to upload pdf files (or any kind) into the CRM so that they can be hosted there and referenced with links to clients in an email?”

“Great question! You can. ?
First, you’ll need to go to Settings > Custom Fields.
Click to add in a custom field and select the “file upload” field type. Name it whatever you’d like!
Then, go to Contacts, and click on any one of your contacts.
On the contact record, you’ll be able to click the “Additional Info” tab towards the upper left, and that’s where you’ll now be able to upload a file to your contact.
In order to add that file to an email, you can click the “Custom Values” option while typing out your email, scroll to the bottom of the list of custom values, and click “Custom Fields.”
In that section, you will find the custom value associated with your PDF file. Any time that custom value is added to a message, it will auto fill the contact’s uploaded file.
I hope this helps!”

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