(Updated January 24, 2024)

🚨 FCC Regulations are shaking up the industry

Listen up! If you’re buying leads, big changes are happening that’ll shake the entire industry up. Read the latest on the FCC Regulations put into law on December 13, 2023
Here’s the scoop :


 No more calling or texting people who said “no thanks” on the Do Not Call list. There will be more crackdowns and lawsuits – YOU are the target, not the lead vendors.


 Permission doesn’t jump from one company to another; you gotta tell folks who’s reaching out and how you got their info. If it’s from a third party you are open to new lawsuits now.


 You can only send auto-messages about the exact stuff they signed up for – no cross sells! This one is murky we’re diving into this.

And that’s just the beginning!

“All this shared lead stuff is gone. All the leads and the ads that don’t tell consumers where the lead’s going or all the reselling of aged leads, dude, it’s freaking gone.” – Cody Askins

Get ready for more news as we talk to legal experts and figure out what this means for you.

The bottom line: you need to be generating your own leads! Agent CRM can help, with our pre-built funnels and complete toolkit of automations built for insurance agents.

Alex Branning goes in depth on how to move forward with these new regulations – watch the new video and updated playbook here. This new post answers questions about DNC lists, round-robin lead sharing, agent liability, and more.

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FCC Regulations are shaking up the insurance industry

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