Is Constant Contact doing enough to ensure insurance agents get their email delivered after February 1?Dear Insurance Agents,

As we step into February 2024, a seismic shift in email marketing dynamics is on the horizon, and if you’re using Constant Contact, this is a crucial update you can’t afford to overlook.

Google’s Email Security Checks: A Game-Changer

In a bid to enhance email security and combat phishing and spam threats, Google is set to implement new email security checks starting February 2024. These changes will redefine the way emails are accepted, and any email not meeting Google’s heightened standards may find its way directly into recipients’ Spam folders.

For a detailed understanding of Google’s announcement, you can refer to their official blog post here.

Constant Contact’s Response and the Missing Pieces

Amidst this imminent change, insights from experts like Krystin Ruschman shed light on potential gaps in understanding and actionable steps. According to Ruschman, the advice and information disseminated by Constant Contact might lack the depth needed for users to navigate this shift successfully.

It appears that Constant Contact’s proposed solution might not be aligned with the best practices for email deliverability.

This raises concerns about the platform’s ability to address the multifaceted challenges that users are poised to face.

Agent CRM: Your Solution for Seamless Email Marketing

We have been working tireslessly to help ensure ALL of your emails are delivered after February, and we have this detailed Email Marketing Setup Guide to help you

In light of these developments, we introduce you to Agent CRM – a comprehensive solution designed to empower insurance agents like you for success in email marketing and beyond.

  • Complete Business Automation: Agent CRM offers a fully automated business solution, streamlining processes from lead generation to client communication.
  • Innovative Marketing Tools: With AI-powered social media marketing and a host of other features, Agent CRM goes beyond traditional solutions, ensuring your marketing strategies remain cutting-edge.
  • Cost-Efficient and User-Friendly: Replace expensive software with Agent CRM’s cost-effective model, providing unlimited features without sign-up fees. Our platform is designed for easy adoption, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Personalized Support and Mentorship: Our commitment extends beyond technology, offering 24/7 live chat, daily Zoom calls, phone support, and a vibrant community of fellow professionals. Weekly marketing ideas and personalized mentorship ensure you’re always ahead.

Your Path to Success: Make the Move to Agent CRM

Cody Askins Recommends Agent CRM for Insurance

Cody Askins Recommends Agent CRM for Insurance Agents and Financial Planners

As we face the evolving landscape of email marketing, it’s crucial to align yourself with a solution that not only understands the changes but also offers a proactive and effective response. Agent CRM stands as your ally, providing a competitive edge and a comprehensive suite of tools to propel your insurance business forward.

Don’t be left in the dark. Embrace the future of email marketing with Agent CRM. Sign up today for a Free 14-Day Trial with no sign-up fees and $0 to get started. Your success is just a click away.

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