Dan Garbarz asked us, “Hello, I created a new form, campaign and funnel for an insurance campaign. I removed the “last name” field on the form as an experiment. When a new contact is submitted (testing) I am seeing strange behavior, like two contacts being created and not being able to find or pull up the new submission. Is the “last name” field a “key”, or index to the data base? Or is this problem something else? Thank you, Dan Garbarz”

“I see you said that you are still testing this new form. Does that mean you are the only one who has submitted the form?
If that is the case, that may be why you’re seeing strange behavior from the new submissions! Even if you enter different information each time you submit the form, Agent CRM reads your IP address and knows that the submission is coming from the same computer. With that being said, a new contact will not be created for the new submission. Instead, it will just update the existing contact that is linked to your IP address.
To test the form, I would recommend opening the link in a new incognito window each time you submit it. This way, Agent CRM won’t be reading the same IP address for each submission.”

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