Jeremiah Nolen asked us, “I have a Jotform that my Facebook leads can fill out after submission and also send emails out to them once they submit the Info. Anyway I can have that info or maybe just the link to their form attach to their contact using zapier?”

“If I understood your question right – the contact is already existing on your ACRM when they filled out that health questionnaire?
If yes, then you can use Zapier to pass along the data from Jotform to your contacts’ detail in ACRM, provided that the Jotform fields are already existing in ACRM as Custom Fields.
Use the Zapier Action called “Add/Update Contact” then map out the Jotform fields to the ACRM custom fields.
The contacts should also use the exact email address or phone number when they fill out the Jotform so it will be paired with their existing ACRM contact info, otherwise, a new contact will be created (instead of it just being an update).”

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