🎉 Celebrate with Us – It’s Our Birthday! 🎉

We’re thrilled to announce a special celebration in honor of our birthday! To show our appreciation for your continued support, we’re hosting a $1000 raffle with instant-win prizes and a lot of fun surprises. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Agent CRM family. Be sure to look for the “Treasure Box” link in Agent CRM now and join in the festivities. You never know, you might just be one of our lucky winners!

📲Coming Soon: Business Card Reader in Agent CRM App! 

We’re excited to announce a fun new feature from our mobile team: the business card scanner! 🎉

This highly requested feature allows you to easily scan business cards using the Agent CRM app, automatically creating a contact for you. After scanning, you can use the chips at the bottom of the screen to edit and correct any errors, ensuring your contact information is accurate.

To access this feature, you’ll go to the quick actions menu in the app and select “scan business card.” Make sure you have the app on your phone! We’ll make an announcement when it’s live in the app, it’s coming out any day now!

iPhone App | Android App

Stay Ahead with A2P Compliance

Staying updated on A2P compliance is essential for anyone involved in SMS marketing. Whether you are familiar with A2P compliance or new to the concept, it’s crucial to stay informed of these changes. Our latest blog post dives into the practical aspects of A2P compliance in the marketing landscape, including registration, maintaining compliance, and avoiding penalties. Don’t miss out on this guide that will help you navigate the complexities of A2P compliance. Read more here.

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