Staying updated on A2P compliance is essential for anyone involved in SMS marketing. Whether you are familiar with A2P compliance or new to the concept, it’s crucial to stay informed of these changes. This blog explores the practical aspects of A2P compliance in the marketing landscape, including registration, maintaining compliance, and avoiding penalties. Let’s get started!

A2P is changing quite a bit as they change their rules, here’s updates they started enforcing lately: A2P Police Cracking Down

Understanding A2P Compliance

What is A2P?

A2P, or Application-to-Person messaging, refers to automated systems used to send text messages. Initially, marketing through SMS was like the Wild West—easy and unregulated. However, this led to an increase in spam, prompting new regulations to curb unwanted messages. A2P compliance ensures that businesses using automated messaging adhere to standards that protect consumers from spam.

Overview of Recent Changes

In July 2023, US phone carriers introduced new measures to reduce spam rates. These regulations require businesses to register their messaging services and adhere to best practices to avoid restrictions. If you’re using a CRM, you’re likely familiar with these requirements. If not, it’s time to get accustomed to these new rules, as failing to comply means you can’t use automated text messaging for marketing.

The Consequences of Non-Compliance

A2P Suspensions

There are two main reasons why the campaign registry might suspend your messaging privileges:

  1. High Opt-Out Rate: If more than 1% of recipients opt out (e.g., by replying “STOP”), your campaign can be suspended.
  2. Message Error Rate: High error rates, such as sending texts to landlines or invalid numbers, can also trigger suspensions.

These suspensions can range from a 24-hour “jail” to a complete lockdown, which is challenging to resolve. To avoid these issues, it’s essential to maintain low opt-out and error rates.

Creating a Compliant Funnel

To ensure your funnels are compliant, follow these steps:

  1. Business Name Visibility: Your business name must be clearly visible on your website or form where users opt in.
  2. Opt-In Checkbox: Include a checkbox for users to explicitly agree to receive SMS messages, with clear terms explaining potential charges and message frequency.
  3. Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions: Both must be easily accessible and clearly stated on your opt-in page.

By adhering to these steps, you can create a compliant funnel that minimizes the risk of penalties.

Writing Compliant Text Messages

Your text messages, especially the first one sent, must include the following elements:

  1. Lead’s Name: Personalize the message with the recipient’s name.
  2. Your Name: Include your name or the name of the representative sending the message.
  3. Business Name: Clearly state the name of your business.
  4. Opt-Out Instructions: Provide clear instructions on how to opt out (e.g., “Reply STOP to unsubscribe”).

These components ensure your messages meet compliance standards and reduce the likelihood of opt-outs.

Protecting Your Reputation

Key Settings in Agent CRM

Agent CRM offers several settings to help maintain compliance:

  1. Mark Emails as Invalid Due to Hard Bounce: This feature isn’t directly related to A2P but helps maintain overall communication hygiene.
  2. Validate Phone Numbers: Ensure you’re texting valid numbers to avoid high error rates.
  3. Verify Emails: Similar to phone validation, this helps keep your contact list clean.

By enabling these settings, you can significantly reduce the risk of compliance issues.

Automatic Opt-Out Recognition

Agent CRM’s system automatically recognizes first-time text recipients and includes compliant opt-out language. This feature ensures you adhere to regulations without manual intervention, protecting your messaging privileges.

Tips to Avoid A2P Rejection

To keep your campaigns running smoothly:

  1. Improve Lead Quality: Higher-quality leads are less likely to opt out. Avoid aged or purchased leads whenever possible.
  2. Refine Campaign Messaging: Ensure your messages are engaging and non-spammy. Consider getting feedback from someone you trust.
  3. Include Personal Touches: Adding a casual selfie to your initial text can improve engagement and reduce opt-out rates.

Final Thoughts

Staying compliant with A2P regulations is crucial for the success of your SMS marketing campaigns. If you need assistance, Agent CRM offers consultations to help you optimize your funnels and stay compliant. Visit to schedule a session with our team.

Remember, staying compliant isn’t just about getting approved—it’s about maintaining those standards to avoid disruptions. Stay informed, stay compliant, and continue to grow your business with confidence.

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