Wesley Raymond Ging asked us, “can I take phone calls on the app from Agent CRM on my cell phone?”

“You can make phone calls from the app, but you cannot receive incoming calls from the app.
However, you can set up your Agent CRM forwarding number to be your cell phone number. That way, you will be receiving all of your incoming calls directly on your phone. ?
To do this, you will need to go to Settings > Phone Numbers, then edit your phone number’s “Forward Calls to” field.”

phone calls with Agent CRM app

Wesley Raymond Ging asked us, “Is there a way to set it up so if I receive a forwarded call from the app I know where it cam from?”

“Yes! In your Phone Settings, you can turn the feature on that says “Pass called number as called ID.”
This will make it where your forwarded calls always appear as your Agent CRM phone number when you receive the call on your cell phone. If you save your Agent CRM number in your phone’s contacts, you’ll always know the call is coming through Agent CRM.

Agent CRM app phone calls option


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