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Hey everyone, it’s Alex Branning, the CEO of Agent CRM, and I’m thrilled to introduce the Revenue+ program. 📈 This initiative is all about creating new revenue opportunities for your business. As the CEO, my role primarily revolves around supporting my team at the highest level possible. That includes encouraging them, training them, and investing in their success.

🤝 Supporting Agent CRM Users

For Agent CRM users, I have two key questions that guide my daily focus:

  1. How can I help Agent CRM users save more time, and
  2. How can I help them make more money?

These questions are my compass.

📦 What is Revenue+?

Revenue+ is all about helping Agent CRM users make more money from the people they’re already serving and who trust them. The program is designed to unlock new revenue opportunities within your existing client base.

💼 How to Access Revenue+

To access the Agent CRM Revenue+ program, simply navigate to the left-hand menu in the browser-based version of Agent CRM. Once you click on the button, you’ll discover all of the referral partners we have available.

🌟 Inspiration Behind Revenue+

My inspiration for Revenue+ was twofold. First, I wanted to help agents generate new revenue streams while serving their clients exceptionally. Secondly, I often engage in private calls with our users, and many express their desire to find new ways to generate revenue, expand their teams, and offer more services to their clients. This program is our answer to those aspirations.

🤝 Leveraging Relationships with Referral Partners

At its core, Revenue+ offers Agent CRM users easy access to a wide range of new products and services without requiring additional time or financial investment. Just as our AI-powered SMS bot, Schedule Bot, aimed to help you make more money without spending more time or money, Revenue+ follows the same principle.

🔎 Verified High-End Partners

We’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve scoured the market to find verified, high-end partners, ensuring that you have access to professionals who excel in their respective fields. We’ve spoken to them directly, checked their credentials, and even gathered case studies. This guarantees that you’re getting top-notch partners for your clients.

🤝 Transparency is Key

We’re committed to transparency. Each referral partner in the Revenue+ program is required to offer a clear way for you to track the number of leads that have asked for more information, how many of them made purchases, and when you can expect to get paid for the referrals you’ve sent their way.

💰 A Free Service for You

This is a completely free service provided by Agent CRM to users like you. With Revenue+, you have the opportunity to add a new revenue stream to your business by referring your leads to these providers. Although it’s just the beginning, with only a few providers onboard as of today, we’re actively working behind the scenes to bring you more partners in the near future.

🤔 Your Decision, No Pressure

You’re in control. You get to decide whether you want to add any of these partners to your offerings. There’s no pressure or commitments. As we roll out new vendors and opportunities, you can evaluate them to see if they align with your database and clients’ needs. If not, that’s perfectly fine.

🌐 Lucrative Referral Compensation

I’ve negotiated a very lucrative referral compensation program with each vendor in the Revenue+ program. As your clients take action, you get paid. The worst-case scenario is that your list isn’t interested, which doesn’t affect your business at all. The best-case scenario is that clients respond positively or neutrally, exploring the opportunities you’ve introduced.

💡  An Example: The Annuity Experts

For instance, one of our first Revenue+ opportunities is with a company called The Annuity Experts. If you already sell annuities, this opportunity may not be a fit for you. But if you don’t, it’s a great chance to introduce your list to someone who can assist them. You can refer them to The Annuity Experts, where they’ll receive personalized guidance. If they take action, you’ll receive a percentage of the commission.

In conclusion…

Revenue+ is an exciting new initiative designed to help you make more money without investing more time or money. It’s all about offering additional value to your existing clients. So keep an eye on the growing list of partners and seize the opportunities that align with your business and clientele. 📊

Remember, this is just the beginning, and we’re committed to continually expanding and enhancing the program to provide you with even more revenue opportunities. If you have suggestions or specific partners in mind, we’d love to hear from you. Your success is our priority. 💪

The future is bright with Agent CRM’s Revenue+ program.

Stay tuned for updates and new opportunities coming your way.

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