There has been a rise in the usage of customer resource management tools. Due to the potential to streamline and improve in customer-facing aspects of businesses like online insurance sales, marketing, and relationship-building. Power dialers have taken the place of conventional phone systems across all industries.

Although each product has a lot to offer on its own, Agent CRM is one of the most potent sales tools on the market at the moment. All the tools a company requires are contained in this one piece of software. It helps to conduct prospecting, online insurance sales, and ongoing service, which reduces costs while increasing productivity and revenue.

Below is a list of the top 10 ways sales organizations can use Agent CRM to boost online insurance sales.

Automated Dialing Expands Your Pool of Potential Clients

The more numbers an agent can dial in a day, the more times they can read the script. And the more sales they will close. Because manual dialing is slow and ineffective, agents lose valuable phone time while doing it. Agents can create daily calling lists in the CRM with the use of automatic dialing. And the software will then go through the lists automatically. As a result, agents spend more time selling rather than punching buttons, which benefits everyone.

To Increase Close Rates, Increase Answer Rates

Companies selling across state boundaries are acutely aware of how an unknown area code on the call display may obliterate answer rates. Since calls that don’t connect are calls that can’t close. Agents using Agent CRM with a local presence function can circumvent the issue by choosing pertinent phone numbers. These numbers correspond to the location of the prospects they are calling.

Leads from Inbound Phone Calls Can Be Collected

The phone becomes a lead collection device thanks to Agent CRM. Leads can be entered into the CRM when a prospective client contacts a business with an inquiry, just like a CRM can create new lead accounts from incoming emails or text messages.

Let the CRM Be Fed by the Dialer

In most sectors, a stand-alone CRM is essential software, and a standalone power dialer is a useful sales tool. However, Agent CRM enables sales conversations to turn into treasure troves of data that can be recorded into the system, resulting in a synthesis of the two that is significantly more than the sum of its parts.

More Accurate Sales Calling Activity Measuring

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, as the phrase goes. Agent CRM combines a power dialer’s calling capabilities with a customer resource management tool’s extensive analytics suite to give managers a much clearer picture of how agent performance and overall calling efforts are performing in comparison to expectations.

Quickly Respond to Prospects, Convert to Sale

Agent CRM enables salespeople to pinpoint the precise moments when consumers need to be engaged, such as for product replacement, contract renewal, or an upsell to a new good or service. Your chances of making a sale goes up as a result.

Justify your Sales Decisions

You can close opportunities in your pipeline and advance team goals for everyone by using Agent CRM, which streamlines the entire sales process. Due to the automated order processing and quote creation in Agent CRM, sales teams can reduce manufacturing costs while increasing sales revenue.

Recognize the Needs of your Customers

Since all client-related information is kept in Agent CRM, agents may analyze consumer wants and even foresee potential difficulties at the proper time. All of this results in more satisfied and devoted customers as well as larger profit margins.

Reduce Administrative Tasks

By minimizing and even eliminating some of the repetitive procedures that take a lot of time but produce little profit, Agent CRM relieves the sales teams of the majority of administrative duties. Agent CRM records information on products and prices, prompts reminders for tasks, and guides salespeople step-by-step through the sales pipeline.

Save Cash

Agent CRM is a one-stop shop for insurance agents looking to grow their business online and enables you to cancel other services (saving you money)! 

Agent CRM can reduce errors made by salespeople. Correcting those inaccuracies can require much more time and money. Since all new information may be securely saved in the system. It also comes down to saving money on those clogging and frequently disappearing Post-it notes.


In essence, salespeople and Agent CRM are a “match made in heaven.” Agent CRM improves the strength of salespeople. It enables access to the database and all of your work actions from various devices and locations.

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