Brittni Leann Hernandez asked us, “what’s the difference between optimizing for availability and equal distribution? if it is equal distribution does it go off staff availability or what can I get some clarification on that? Also for internal notifications if that is an SMS to the user that the appointment is booked with will they get a text to the number on file??”

“Optimize for Equal Distribution will literally distribute the appointments coming in to that calendar equally among all the users that are selected. Optimize for Availability will give most of the appointments to the selected user who has the most slots available on their calendar settings. Appointments booked would be assigned using round-robin scheduling.”


Brittni Leann Hernandez asked us, “so if one agent has 5 hours every day they will get first pick?? What about those that only have 2 hours will they not get any??”

“It is a round-robin setup so everyone selected on that calendar will get assigned. The one with the most hours will get most of the appointments if you select the optimize for availability.”


Brittni Leann Hernandez asked us, “if I turn on the equal distribution will it show all time slots available even if one agent has an interview??”

“Yes. You can also test this by turning on the equal distribution then checking the team calendar if it will show the times slots available from the users. Yes, they will get the text notif with the phone number selected on the account.”


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