Howard Ong asked us, “I want to power dial leads first. To power dial imported leads first do I setup a campaign first to use power dialer? Then for leads that do not answer phone I want to redial them every 4 hours for a total of 5 tries.
For those who do not answer phone after 5 tries I want to send a SMS text to them If they do not reply to text after 4 hours I would then like to send them an e-mail. Can all of this be setup in 1 campaign or do I have to setup multiple campaigns?”

“All of the can be set up in 1 campaign. You will need 5 Manual Calls, 1 SMS, then 1 Email. Under your “Campaign Configuration,” the “Stop on response” option would need to be toggled ON. The screenshots below will show how the campaign should be set up.

Campaign Event Setup:

Power dialer import lead options

Campaign Configuration Setup:

import leads with power dialer


Howard Ong asked us, “Does the dialer dial automatically through all the calls or do I have to dial each call “manually.”

“It dials through your calls automatically. ? You will not have to do the dialing.”


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