THIS TRAINING IS RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE. A2P approval is just the beginning; the real challenge lies in sustaining A2P Compliance and preventing phone number suspension. We have seen an increasing number of users recently get suspended (even once approved) for not maintaining compliance pieces.

Our latest training is out now on the latest A2P regulation trends and how to stay out of Texting Jail.

💬 Phone registration is the new rite of passage for all businesses who wish to text in the US using computer software. This process is known as A2P (Application-to-Person) registration. Getting approved for A2P is one thing, continuing to maintain compliance and avoid phone suspension is another.

Outline of Our Training Video: A2P Compliance Updates

A2P compliance regulations and best practices for avoiding suspension.

  • Winter discusses A2P compliance updates for marketing, including funnels and SMS settings.
  • New regulations for A2P text messaging in the US.
  • A2P suspensions and how to avoid them.

Text message compliance regulations for businesses.

  • The severity of A2P regulations, anything more than 1% opt-out rate leads to full account lockdowns.
  • Tips for optimizing text message campaigns and staying compliant, covering landing page and form best practices.
  • Include this specific language in text messages for compliance, such as lead names and opt-out language.
  • He provides examples of what a compliant text message looks like, including the inclusion of the business name and lead name, and the use of opt-out language.

SMS compliance and campaign optimization for businesses.

  • Tips to protect reputation: validate emails, text numbers, and use A2P compliant opt-out messages.
  • Agent CRM settings include Portal settings, business profile general, and email/text settings for safety measures.
  • How to avoid TUPE rejection and improve SMS campaigns.
  • BONUS TIP: Including a photo of oneself in messages can increase positive response.

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After the Video: Your Action Items for A2P Compliance

✅ Review opt-in forms and funnels to ensure they include all required compliance elements like business name, opt-in checkbox, terms and conditions.
✅ Check Agent CRM settings to automatically validate phone numbers and emails to avoid suspensions.
✅ Consider scrubbing phone numbers and contact lists to remove invalid entries.
Consult the Agent CRM team if needing help with compliance reviews or campaign optimizations.

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Frustrated with your current CRM and trying to maintain your A2P Compliance Status? We can help!

Frustrated with your current CRM and trying to maintain your A2P Compliant Status? We can help!

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