Dan Vader asked us, “Hey Guys I am having an issue with a trigger that I set up. It was working perfectly fine yesterday and every day prior, now today its not functioning properly.
I have a Trigger that sends me an SMS with the info that my leads submit in a form. Now its only sending the standard form info (Name, address, phone number) but not sending ANY of the info from custom fields that I created.
I’ve gone through the forums to make sure everything was made and formatted correctly. I tried deleting the trigger and re creating it from scratch, it still only sends the standard form info, not anything from custom fields.
The info from custom fields shows up in Agent CRM, but its not being included in the SMS trigger.
Please help. I have no idea what to do next.”

“One idea is that you might be using the wrong custom values for the SMS notification you’re sending yourself. Be sure to use Custom Values > Contact > Custom Fields, NOT Custom Values > Form > Custom Fields (see picture below).”

Agent CRM custom fields

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