Agent CRM offers final expense insurance agents a dynamic marketing platform tailored specifically for success in the insurance business.

Today, let’s delve into the incredible features of Agent CRM and uncover how it can help you grow your final expense business.

Key Points Covered:

  1. Setting Up Your Essentials:
    • Ensure your phone number is verified through the A2P process.
    • Configure critical calendar settings for lead generation and nurturing.
    • Make the most of a toll-free number for an impactful Facebook ad campaign.
  2. Unlock the Magic of Automation:
    • Explore the final expense automation workflow in the click & play library.
    • Assign leads, add tags, and seamlessly create opportunities.
    • Understand the trigger points for this workflow, initiated by form submissions.
  3. Appointment Handling:
    • Watch the system’s prowess in setting up appointments, adding tags, and sending reminders.
    • Leverage the power dialer feature for simultaneous, efficient lead calling.
    • Keep everything organized and branded, ensuring a personalized touch in your communications.
  4. Lead Generation Funnels:
    • Utilize customizable final expense funnels from the Click & Play library to engage potential clients.
    • Direct leads to a well-crafted website, enriched with testimonials and a pre-built survey form.
  5. Complete Pipeline Setup:
    • Benefit from a pre-built pipeline covering every stage of your final expense business.
    • Ensure smooth daily operations by moving leads seamlessly through the pipeline stages.
  6. Bulk Actions and Zoom for Follow-Up:
    • Master the art of bulk actions in contacts to filter and reach out to final expense leads.
    • See how we use bulk actions for efficient lead organization and follow-up strategies.
  7. AdBase for Lead Generation:
    • Use the Giveaway Funnel System in Agent CRM with AdBase! The Giveaway Funnel is a cost-effective solution for final expense lead generation.
    • There’s also ready-made ads, funnels, and automations bundled with the Marketing+ package.
  8. AI Bot for Seamless Scheduling:
    • Implement the AI ScheduleBot to streamline appointment scheduling through text message conversations.
    • Ensure your calendar is set up for a hassle-free booking process directly from the conversation.

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