No more courses! Launch proven winner ads with only a couple of clicks!


As a team, we set a goal for this year… by starting with a bold question: 

“What can we do so that our clients can launch our ads from the Agent CRM dashboard without having to know how Facebook Ads work?” 


We worked with developers to integrate an Ads Launching Tool right into the Agent CRM desktop application! 


We are so proud to show you the new Marketing+ Upgrade with Agent CRM. 

  • Launch our proven ads with a couple clicks!
  • Launch a Giveaway Funnel without leaving Agent CRM! 
  • No more courses.
  • No more Ads Manager.
  • No more Facebook errors.

When you upgrade to Marketing+ you get access to the following courses and materials:  

  1. Access to our new Facebook Ads Launching Platform 
  2. Access to all of our Ad Kits (life insurance, final expense, retirement planning, and more) ($297 value)
  3. Access to all of our Giveaway Funnel ads ($297 value)
  4. Access to our Giveaway Funnel System educational course ($497 value)
  5. All of our Giveaway Funnel templates loaded into your system ($297 value)
  6. Access to our Long Form Funnel Kit ($497 value)
  7. Access to our Long Form Funnel templates ($997 value)
  8. Access to Facebook Ads Mastery course ($397 value)


That’s not all! You also get unparalleled access to our team!

    1. Private onboarding session with our team to walk through the features
    2. During the onboarding session, we launch your first ad for you! 
    3. Invite to a group call, led by Alex, to discuss the latest advertising campaigns that are working for our clients and discuss ideas on how to improve paid marketing campaigns!


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