Medicare Marketing Made Easy: Launch my best ads, with my most effective copy, without having to hire a marketing agency (or logging into the Ads Manager) again

(This is written as a personal letter from Alex Branning to you – let’s tackle Medicare Marketing as a team!)

Hey, did you know that you can generate leads online and stay compliant with all the crazy regulations??

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about needing to be tech savvy, and while that is important, I’m going to share three keys with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at online marketing for Medicare.

I’m Alex Branning and I am marketer who has helped Medicare agents for eight years, grow their business and generate more referrals.

So what is the big idea for online marketing for Medicare in 2023?

It’s AI Powered Facebook Ads.

You use the creatives that my team have created and then tell Facebook to only show the ads that are performing well to generate leads. This method brings in leads every day and minimizes the wasted ad spend that plague so many insurance agents.

So I’m going to share with you 3 ideass about AI Powered Facebook Ads and how you can use this to skyrocket your sales.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: I am not a tech savvy person.

I’m going to show you a great way you can launch ads without ever using the confusing Facebook Ads Manager again and get amazing results.

So the first idea is finding graphics that actually work, and not throwing things against the wall hoping it will work.

You cannot afford to waste money on pretty graphics that don’t actually work.

This is important because It can get really expensive to hire a graphic designer, and it’s REALLY expensive spending money on an ad that is not proven!

The second ideas is using text above the creative that stops the scroll and sets you up for success with your appointment.

You want your leads to be ready for their appointment with you.

This means you don’t want tire kickers that fill up your calendar and they are not ready to make a decision.

The third ideas is using Facebook’s AI tools so that you squeeze every last lead out of your advertising dollars.

Too many marketing agencies spend way too much of your money.

You are a small business owner and you need that money to work for you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s too good to be true.

Most marketing agencies will never show you this because it doesn’t help them make money off you, so they keep these secrets from you!

So I’ve created this online solution you can use this to launch an AI-powered Facebook ad campaign in a couple of minutes.

I’ve taken all of our highest converting Facebook ads and skinnied them down so that you can launch my best ads, with my most effective copy, without having to hire an expensive marketing agency or ever lo

Agent CRM Marketing Plus Logogging into the confusing Facebook Ads Manager again.

This gets your ads launched in just minutes and help you convert more leads per dollar than the “hope and pray” method that most marketers use!

I go find the patterns in ads that are proven to work. Then I pull in those patterns, I tear them apart to see what actually works, and then I combine them with a form of artificial intelligence, that makes it so you just fill out a form, whack a button and ads launched in minutes… no experience required;.

So what I’ve done is I’ve put all of this into my Marketing+ program inside Agent CRM.

If you click the link, you can use it TODAY.

We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for insurance agents just like you who are struggling with generating leads.

Oh – We also have the email campaigns and text message follow up sequence so that you get these leads on your calendar, even if they don’t grab an appointment right away.


Agent CRM Marketing+ makes Medicare Marketing So Much Easier

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