Ramon Ayers asked us, “My understanding is if you have a client on an email campaign and they respond to a message along the way, they can be removed from the campaign.
I would like to set up a campaign where I receive a whisper call when a new lead comes in. Then if they don’t answer my phone call, I would like a text to go out to them. Is this possible?
My other question is…
Is it possible to have them removed from the campaign (so they don’t receive my auto generated text) if they do answer my call. If so, how?”

“Yes. There is an option to remove or stop the campaign when someone responses to any of the actions in it. It’s the same for both campaign and workflow.

send text to whisper calls

Currently there’s no action to have a “call” notification but we do have email, sms and internal notification option.
After doing a call to a contact, you will be given options on how did the call go (No answer, completed, etc). These options can start an automation. With this (through workflow), you can send them a text if the call was either Busy or Voicemail.”

whisper call options

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