Kaysha Wells asked us, “Hi! I only allow interviews on my calendar for Monday – Friday and have it set to only allow them to book 2 days out maximum. On fridays it shows no appts available for the following Monday. Is there a way to allow people booking interviews on Friday to see the following Monday and Tuesday like a rolling business week?”

“This would only be possible by increasing your calendar’s “Date Range” to 5 days, instead of 3.
Even though you’re not available for an appointment over the weekend, the calendar still registers the days as a part of your allowed “Date Range.””

Kaysha Wells asked us, “Lillie Hyde during the week it would allow them to book out 5 days tho if they scheduled on Monday and that is not what I’m wanting.”

“This is true! However, that would be the only way to allow prospects to schedule for Monday/Tuesday when it is Friday.”

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