Five Star Benefit Solutions asked us, “One of the “7 tools in one” is a Power Dialer. I think I misunderstood what it actually is capable of doing. It is capable of automatically calling a list of leads one after the other, correct? However, you have to have it set to drop a “ringless voicemail” after the call is finished, say 2 minutes, you’re not actually able to drop a prerecorded voicemail while you’re still on the call and then automatically move to the next call, correct?”

“Correct, while you’re on the dialer you can leave a message live on the call OR click the button to have the software leave the voicemail for you.If you leave a voicemail yourself, you’re taking the time to leave the personalized message. If you have the software do it, then it will start dialing the next number and leave the pre-recorded voicemail message for you. Does that make sense?”

“Hi – I think this video should help you with your question ?…/13457590-add-leads-to…


Gary Thomas asked us, “How does it work on inbound Live Transfers?”

“If you got a call in to your Agent CRM, that call would be forwarded to the number you set up”



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