If you turn on either option of call recording, you will first see a modal that states, “ You are responsible for your own compliance. Please follow all appropriate State and Federal laws as it relates to recording phone calls. It is generally recommended to announce to callers that you are recording their phone call”. You will need to click “Okay” before you can continue.

After you have clicked “Okay”, you will have two options:

  1. “Record After Click” – Calls begin recording after the “Record” button is clicked

  2. “Record Immediately” – Calls begin recording immediately. The “Save Call” button must be clicked to retain the recording, otherwise it will be discarded when you move on to the next call.

Steps for setup:

  1. Go to General Settings tab

  2. Toggle on “Call Recording”

  3. Click “Okay” after reading the prompt explaining federal laws

  4. Select “Record After Click” or “Record Immediately”

  5. Start you call call campaign

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