Customer Relation Management can be what makes or breaks a business. Businesses now need to take care of their existing customers and find new customers for their businesses to thrive. Finding and managing new leads and converting them into potential clients, buyers, and sales is the ultimate goal for any business today.

Thanks to the CRM (Customer Relation Management) tools built today, businesses can now conveniently manage their leads and automate workflow without jeopardizing the critical objective of their business. In addition, companies can easily communicate, nurture, and convert leads into prospects using such powerful marketing platforms.

In this blog, we will compare the features of Agent CRM and Go High Level, two popular CRMs that can help you automate the marketing and lead generation process.

Agent CRM Vs Go High Level: An Overview

Agent CRM

Agent CRM is an all-in-one marketing and lead generation tool designed to take care of your business’s needs. Agent CRM is a complete solution for every marketer and business owner to empower their business with the new touch of automation.

SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Power Dialer, call tracking, analytics, and many tools have taken the process of lead generation and marketing to the next level. As a result, there will be no delays in receiving, capturing, and converting leads as the process is fully automated.

Go High Level

Go High Level CRM is another powerful marketing platform that will take care of your sales and marketing shortcomings. Get it all done with this powerful tool, from lead capturing to nurturing and closing. Improve your marketing campaigns with customized website builders, funnels, landing pages, surveys, and appointment scheduling to always take advantage of every lead.

Things to Consider When Choosing a CRM

Productivity and automation are the key traits to consider while choosing the right CRM for your business. The collection of essential lead data directly into your CRM gives you more control over the process of collecting and filtering quality leads. Hence, this process increases the productivity of your business. 

Marketing and lead generation automation will save precious time as no manual process is involved. Instead, the CRM will manage and schedule everything, so you can focus on your core business aspects without worrying about other things.

A comparison of features

Email Marketing

You can use plenty of email templates to pitch your message effectively to your potential leads and clients. The email templates are easy to customize and can be delivered from the CRM dashboard without delay. Moreover, you can use Agent CRM mobile app to check and reply to emails on the go.

Go High Level is on par with Agent CRM in this regard. It allows clients to manage and send emails for effective marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Power Dialer

Power Dialer is a must-have feature of every insurance CRM. Power dialing allows you to effectively communicate with your accumulated leads without missing out on a single one and saves time. Agent CRM comes with a good power dialer that will help your agents to manage and call every lead efficiently.

Go High Level also brings the powerful feature of a power dialer for its customers.

2-Way SMS Marketing

Drip campaigns, which Agent CRM offers, are like never-ending downpours of rain. These are long-term automated campaigns. Future sales and other decisions will benefit from these long-term initiatives.

SMS/Text Messages can be delivered with Go High Level without needing a separate email marketing platform.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Call tracking and analytics are essential features to record the activity of leads coming your way. With Agent CRM, you can record every action of your leads through a cookie. It gives you a clear idea about the intent of your leads and thus increases the chances of lead conversion.

Similarly, you can also track and analyze every lead in detail with Go High Level to improve the lead-generation process for your business. So don’t worry — you will never miss out on any lead in the future.

Click & Play Library

A free training library is another exciting feature of Agent CRM, which makes it easy for every person to get familiar with this powerful marketing tool. With the Click & Play library, everybody can learn how to use CRM and take full advantage of this fantastic tool to boost their business.

On the other hand, Go High Level has no click and play library.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are an exciting feature that gives complete control to the business owner to manage leads, sales, marketing, and everything on the go. Agent CRM provides the option of a mobile app for its valued customers to get full advantage of its powerful marketing platform.

Similarly, Go High Level also comes up with a powerful mobile app to offer convenience to its customers. Both tools have this exciting feature to facilitate their clients.


Pricing can be a decisive factor for many businesses in picking up the best CRM for their workflow automation. So let’s look at the pricing of these popular tools for businesses.

Agent CRM offers all exciting features for just $97 per month to its customers, with a 14 Day Free Trial on top of it.

On the other hand, the Go High Level offers an Agency Unlimited Account for $297 per month. In addition, you can have a custom mobile app and Zapier integration for an additional $497 per month.


Support is an essential and integral part of any tool. Agent CRM comes with dynamic and active support on multiple platforms to address the queries of its users. There are various options for you to reach the dedicated support of Agent CRM. Agent CRM offers phone, email, live chat, daily zoom calls, and phone support.

Go High Level only offers chat support for users, and they aren’t very responsive.

Agent CRM vs Go High Level

Which one is best for you

Agent CRM and Go High Level are excellent all-in-one marketing tools for any business to bolster its growth. But there comes the question of which CRM will best fit your business.

Pricing will be the decisive factor in this regard, as it will give you more control over managing your business prospects while staying economical.


Agent CRM remains the best option to streamline the critical aspects of your business regarding marketing and workflow automation. Agent CRM is bundled with many key features such as email, marketing, two-way SMS marketing, power dialer, and much more. 

It is a perfect CRM for sales and real estate or insurance agents. Pricing makes it an ideal candidate to be chosen and tested by every business today. In addition, affordability and longevity add value to Agent CRM’s appeal.

So we will recommend Agent CRM as the best tool to attract, capture, and manage leads and pursue new prospects.

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Table of feature comparisons

Feature Agent CRM Click Funnels
Funnels Yes




Power Dialer Yes

(only pay carrier fees)

Email Marketing Yes Yes
Text Marketing Yes Yes
Call Tracking & Analytics Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Yes
Call Transfer Yes Yes
Local Numbers Yes Yes
Smart Local Caller IDs No No
Built-In Calendar Yes


Workflow Automation Yes Yes
Custom Calendar Link Yes


Appointment Reminders Yes


Free Insurance Funnel Templates Yes Yes
Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates Yes Yes
Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls Yes No
MONTHLY COST $97 $297 to $797 per month.


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