When you first connect to the dialer, you will be asked if you would like to use “Computer Audio” or “Dial In”. After you make your selection you will be able to save this preference by checking the “Save preference”. If you are going to use computer audio, we recommend that the you use Google Chrome as your browser.

Browser will ask for you to give permission to use the website. You must click allow before you can use computer audio.

If you hit “block”, you will not be able to dial with computer audio. You will see this message “Enable microphone permissions in your browser’s settings to make calls with your computer’s audio.

Again, we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. Follow the instructions in this link (https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2693767) to give permission to use your microphone.

If you would like to change your audio selection you need to go to the Audio Source tab on the settings modal. Here you can make your audio source selection as well as test your microphone and speakers.

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