The world of AI in communication took an unexpected turn recently with the FCC’s ban on AI calling tools. In this blog post, we’ll unpack the key points shared by Alex Branning in his recent video update for Agent CRM users.

The FCC’s Impact on AI Calling Tools

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially banned the use of artificial intelligence callers, marking a significant shift in the landscape of communication tools. The once-prominent AI calling tools, celebrated for their efficiency, are now considered equivalent to robo calls, rendering them ineffective for use.

Agent CRM’s Response to the FCC Crackdown

Amidst these changes, Alex Branning reassures Agent CRM users that the team is closely monitoring developments. The FCC’s crackdown on AI tools is a serious matter, but your CRM account remains fully compliant. Alex emphasizes the commitment to staying vigilant and addressing challenges head-on.

Good News – ScheduleBot and AI in Text Messages Still Allowed

While the ban affects AI-generated voices, there’s a silver lining. Scheduled bots and AI in text messages are still permitted, offering a continued avenue for automation within the Agent CRM platform. This adaptability showcases the resilience of the CRM system in navigating evolving regulations.

ScheduleBot Upgrades Coming Soon: What to Expect

We are taking ScheduleBot to the next level. Users can anticipate an expansion into Facebook messages, Google My Business, and more. The strategic move aims to enhance automation capabilities, providing users with a comprehensive solution for communication across various platforms.

Lead Generation in the Face of Change

With the FCC’s rule changes, many may be wondering about the future of lead generation. Alex suggests exploring Marketing+, a tool designed to generate leads through tested and proven ads. The adaptable nature of Marketing+ positions it as a valuable resource for businesses navigating these regulatory adjustments.

Conclusion: Agent CRM is Safe to Use, Compliant

In times of change, Agent CRM stands firm in its commitment to user satisfaction, compliance, and innovation. Alex Branning and the team encourage users to stay informed, adapt to the evolving landscape, and explore the expanding features of the CRM system.

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