Today, I’ll guide you on leveraging Agent CRM to supercharge your life insurance business. Let’s jump right in! 🏢


Set Up for Success: Get started by configuring your settings. Ensure your calendar is synced, availability is marked, and your phone number is ATP verified. 📅📞

Automation Magic: Explore the power of automations, the heartbeat of Agent CRM. Discover the new life insurance lead workflow that streamlines lead assignment, tagging, and opportunity creation. 🔄💡

AI Appointments: Witness the seamless appointment workflow. As leads schedule, they’re tagged, moved through the pipeline, and reminders are automatically set up. The power dialer feature is a game-changer for phone enthusiasts! 📞🗓️

Long-Term Nurturing – Done ✅: Dive into extended text message drips and email sequences, designed to nurture leads over the long term. The beauty? It’s all pre-written for you! ✉️🤖

Pre-Designed Funnels: We got life insurance funnels in the Click and Play library. From a standard lead funnel to a longer survey, we got you. Simply add your touch and go! 🚀🛠️

Pipeline Perfection: Your entire life insurance business neatly organized in one pipeline. Effortlessly move leads through stages, ensuring a well-orchestrated workflow. 🔄📈

AdBase 🚀🚀: Leverage AdBase to launch Facebook campaigns effortlessly. With ready-made life insurance ads, generating your own leads has never been easier. 📢💼

Giveaway Funnel – Cheat Code for Life Insurance Sales: Upgrade to Marketing+ for access to the Giveaway Funnel System. Generate leads for about $1.00 each 🏆📈


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