Cristano Arroyo asked us, “Scenario:
I’m accessing AgentCRM from 2 different computers daily – both running same Operating System & same browser. On one computer I can login without needing to receive a Login Security Code. On the other computer, every time I go to login I’m prompted to receive and enter a Login Security Code.
Question: Is there an AgentCRM setting to turn off this requirement? If a computer/browser setting, do you happen to know where I should look to alter this?

“Hi! Since the Login Security code is required for enhanced security, we’re unable to turn it off.
I am surprised to hear that one of your computers isn’t requiring the security code when logging in! This is most likely due to the cookies stored for Agent CRM before the Security update was made. If you clear your cache and cookies, the system will most likely begin asking for the security code at login, as well.
Just an extra note: to make things a little easier, you can receive the security code to your phone instead of by email. If you want that option, just be sure to have your phone number added to your profile under Settings > Profile. (See screenshot) ?”

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