“The US telecommunications used to be the Wild West. You could grab a new number with little to no effort or oversight and blast those text messages to your heart’s content…

No longer…

In an effort to limit spam messaging, phone providers have banded together to enact a new regulation known as A2P10DLC. Standing for “Application To Person 10 Digit Long Code” this new regulation will limit your ability to send messages if you are not registered.

Carrier filtering will start July 5th, and text messages from unregistered numbers will not be delivered after August 31st.

We are rolling out a super easy registration solution, and you can prepare so that you’re ready to go!

📋Here’s your homework…

If you have an EIN (employee identification number):
Find your form CP575 – your business info exactly as listed on this form will ensure a smooth registration. W2 and W9 docs can also be used.

Also: Update your texts…
For best compliance, your first text to a contact must include…
1: Your business name
2: Opt out text: “If you wish to no longer receive these messages, text STOP”.

These are big changes that are being made to EVERYONE, but we have your back and will make this easy to understand.

Review this page for more detailed info:


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