We are giving away LIFETIME ACCESS TO AGENT CRM to one person that refers someone that starts a free trial of Agent CRM, the drawing will take place on December 20. Sign up to be an affiliate by going to http://affiliates.agent-crm.com/

Every person you refer with your link = $30/month recurring revenue! We’re paying some people’s mortgages (because they have so many affiliates they’ve referrred, so their monthly checks from us are equivalent to their mortgage payment)!!

Here are some free (and highly efficient) ways to promote Agent CRM to your audience:

📢 Social Media: Share your positive experiences and benefits of using Agent CRM

📧 Email: Send an email explaining the advantages of Agent CRM. We have some you can use!

🎥 Video: Create short videos or live streams showcasing how Agent CRM has improved your workflow.

🗣 Webinars and Q&A Sessions: Host webinars or live Q&A sessions to engage with your audience and discuss Agent CRM’s advantages. I will join the webinar, if you want me to!

📚 Blog Post: Write a blog post on your website sharing your insights about using Agent CRM. We can help write this for you!

💬 Online Communities: Participate in forums and groups you belong to, sharing your positive experiences with Agent CRM. This has been the biggest money-maker recently for our affiliates!

💻 Update Website and Bio: Add information about Agent CRM to your website and social media bio – I see many agents creating a “Resources” page with a link to Agent CRM.

💡 Share Success Stories: Highlight your real-world success stories of how Agent CRM has helped you

Let me know how I can help!


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