Bryce Blackham asked us, “Hey, I had someone schedule on my calendar for tomorrow in a time slot. That should have been blocked off for an appointment that I created in my google calendar. In the past my Agent CRM calendar appointment scheduling link would see what events I have in my Google calendar. And that time slot wouldn’t be available to schedule.
Can I have someone help me figure out why appointments I put it on my Google calendar aren’t showing up on my Agent CRM calendar as busy? That way when people try to schedule an appointment on my Agent CRM calendar it only shows times that I actually am available. “

“Have you tried removing the Google account and, re-adding it to Agent-CRM?
That should fix the problem.. Would you mind coming to Q/A session tomorrow because for issues like these I need you to be on call with me as I will be needing Google access :
Let me know. Thanks

However, One possibility as well is that sometimes if you create a Google calendar event the event settings show you as “available” meaning people can still book during that slot. You want it to say “busy”.
Take a look in that Google calendar event, settings, and “show as”. It can be set to busy or available.
this has been an issue I found on my own account due to the Google calendar event setting.
Therefore, This is the easiest and most likely explanation for a double booking in google calendar.”

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