Adding a New Voicemail

Voicemail messages are a message that you would like to easily share with your contacts. You can add a voicemail by clicking on the “Add New Message” button.

These voicemails can be created doing one of the following:

  1. Upload an Audio File – If you have an audio file (.mp3, .wav, and .m4a), you would like to use, click on the Add New Message button and select “Upload an Audio File” from the dropdown. You will then be prompted to select a file from your computer.

  2. Record Via Computer – If your computer has a microphone or you can connect a bluetooth headset, you can create a new voicemail from your computer. First click on the Add New Message button and select “Record Via Computer” from the dropdown. When you click the microphone button you can start recording.

  3. Record Via Phone – Select “Record Via Phone” from the drop down menu under the “Add New Message” button. You will then be able to call into Storm with the provided Pin number or you can have Storm call you by clicking on the “Call Me” button. Once you have connected to Storm, you will hear a prompt “Record your message after the tone” to start recording.

Voicemail Settings

You have a few other options to help you manage these voicemails. The first column labeled “Default” indicates the Voice mail that you want to leave when you click the “Drop VM” button while using the dialer (see dialer buttons). You will still be able to leave other leave other voicemails if you click on the drop down arrow on the “Drop VM” button.


The “Nickname” field is a way for you to remember what you said in your voicemail. ie “Neighborhood” could be a voicemail about you are selling a home in the neighborhood. After you create a new message you will be asked to give the voicemail a name. You edit this name any time by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name of the voicemail.


With every voicemail, you have a few “Actions” that you can perform.

  1. Play – Plays the given voicemail

  2. Download – Downloads the voicemail to your computer

  3. Trash – Deletes the voicemail

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