Phil Reames asked us, “How much extra is it per month to add another phone number?
Second question, can we get short codes for those numbers?”

“It’s $2/month per phone number.
Our Twilio plan does not include short codes, however, you could sign up for your own twilio account and set that up with them directly; then we can help you integrate your twilio account to Agent CRM.”

Phil Reames asked us, “I often will ask the same question here and by email because depending on the day one gets answered before the other.
Imagine my surprise when I got two different answers to my question.
The post here says it’s $2 per line. The email response says I can have up to five for free. Which is it? ?”

“I apologize for the confusion! This has been a very recent update with twilio, it is in fact $2/month per phone number.”



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