Agent CRM has helped thousands of clients generate, nurture, and convert leads. Agent CRM gives you the best-performing and highest-converting nurturing campaigns so that you can plug them into your business and earn the sales you deserve.

The wealth of strategy and direction through Agent CRM will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars working to achieve the same results on your own.

The following breakdown will look at how Agent CRM will help in nurturing dead leads.

Nurturing Leads with Agent CRM

Agent CRM assists in nurturing leads with its Revive Dead Leads System, Birthday Marketing, and Click & Play Library.

Revive Dead Leads System

This is a plug-and-play system that allows you to upload leads into Agent CRM. You go to Agent CRM and modify the workflow for dead leads.

You can change the email to your voice, the text to your voice, and record a voicemail. Tag all of those leads, and the system gets to work. It will send insurance customers an email, text messages, and your ringless voicemail in a perfectly-timed delay within your business hours so that when they call you back, you’re available and ready to talk.

You can import this Revive Dead Leads System into your Agent CRM accounts.

If you need any help or support along the way, the Agent CRM team is here and readily available to help you all hours of the day to get this set up and work to build your business.

Agent CRM Revive Dead Leads System helps you get the email, text, and phone calls ready inside your Agent CRM account.

Birthday Marketing

Everyone enjoys commemorating the significant occasions in their lives. Customers want to seize every chance to depart from their routine and have fun. Sending a little treat to your customers on their birthdays is a wonderful way to make them happy.

Agent CRM introduces a great method to let your consumers know you care about them. You can build personal relationships by sending them a birthday marketing message via Agent CRM SMS marketing.

Use Automated Email Marketing

It undoubtedly sounds like a lot of work to go through your customers’ dates of birth every week and contact them daily. Agent CRM email marketing offers automated birthday emailing features. 

Therefore, you must compose a lovely email with a birthday theme, enter your customer’s birthday information, and the Agent CRM will take care of the rest. Set it and forget it.

Click & Play Library

Agent CRM offers a comprehensive Click & Play Library. This allows you to import whole funnels and email and SMS drip campaigns into your Agent CRM Account. The Agent CRM Training Library also offers numerous videos of agent training to help insurance agents improve their selling abilities, boost their sales, and nurture their leads.

Let us know if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started. Email to take the next step.

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