In the trucking and transportation industry there are many moving pieces like dispatching, marketing for drivers, and communicating with brokers to name a few. Keeping track of all these pieces can be a challenge. You Can Use Agent CRM for Trucking and Transportation.
We built Agent CRM with all the tools you need to run your entire business. There are so many tools under one roof. No multiple subscriptions, no “duct-tape” solutions, we built the platform to be an all-in-one solution.
Agent CRM has the following tools:
  • “Super Inbox”– See every message you’ve sent and received from your contact in one screen. All of your emails back-and-forth, the text messages, and even your calls are recorded!
  • Calendars– You can set up calendars for your different team members or business goals. And set your availability to be different for each one. Take control of your schedule with our flexible, advanced booking system.
  • CRM– No more losing contacts or forgetting who you spoke to last week. Now you can sort your contacts by name, email, last message sent, custom tags, and more!
  • Pipelines– At a glance you can see how many leads you have in your pipeline. And where they are on the journey from prospect-to-sale! The system “listens” so as you change dispositions you can fire off automations to your team, your client and even create reminders for yourself. It’s one of our most popular features! Therefore you can create customized pipelines to differentiate between brokers/shipper, onboarding drivers, carriers, customers and more.
  • Web Sites and Funnels– You can build sales funnels and even small web sites in our drag-and-drop builder. We have pre-designed funnels ready to go for you, so you’re not starting from scratch and you don’t even have to be good at computers! We’ve eliminated the need for an expensive funnel editing software platform and built one for you within Agent CRM!
  • Automations– If you’ve been looking for software that combined the communication methods of today (email, SMS marketing and ringless voicemails) and triggered follow-up actions for you based on artificial intelligence and prospect actions… you’ve found the platform that does the work for you! Set up automation to send contracts as well as notifications of delivery to your drivers and clients.
  • Marketing Suite– Whether you are recruiting, or looking for new clients, use our marketing tools to send drip email campaigns, bulk text messages, video texts, and ringless voicemails. We have recently added in a single-line power dialer, and all of your communications can be re-purposed again and again for future campaigns!
  • Support– Live, real-time support is available from our team so that as you are working, you can get the help you need. We also offer live daily Zoom calls and optional paid-for expert help if you’d like someone to build out your marketing systems for you!
  • Reporting– If you can’t track it, you can’t improve it. We track everything in Agent CRM, from email open rates to calls made and texts opened.
You can see if Agent CRM is a fit by trying it out, you get two weeks for free. Sign up today at

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