Agent CRM is a direct mailing automation tool specializing in offline and online marketing. There are many methods to use Agent CRM to enhance your direct mail strategy and boost sales, which will also expedite the process, save you more money, assist with lead nurturing, and so much more!

How does Agent CRM Direct Mail integration work?

You can send a direct mail piece the same way you send an email from your Agent CRM. 

How Agent CRM Direct Mail integration provides automation

To deliver an automated experience that speeds up the process and saves you a ton of time, Agent CRM Direct Mail Integration aims to take your client data and apply it to other applications from within your CRM.

You can automate operations all in one location without switching between platforms.

How Agent CRM makes your Direct Mail strategy more effective

You can use a “text-in” campaign

You can create a phone number to use in your marketing pieces. When people get your marketing piece, they can text the number. When they do, it will create a new contact in your database.

QR Codes Make It Easy to Send Prospects to Your Funnel

You can add a QR code on your direct mail marketing piece. When they scan your code, they are taken to a web page

How Agent CRM Can Send Direct Mail

Agent CRM Direct Mail saves time

Agent CRM makes it so easy to send direct mail using the Mailbox Power integration. Agent CRM sends the contact information to Mailbox Power and triggers the sending of a saved project. 

However, You can trigger these direct mail campaigns based on the contacts’ place in a sales pipeline or by adding a tag to the contact. 

You don’t have to leave Agent CRM — we set it up so that Mailbox Power gets the command to send mail based on triggers within the Agent CRM application.

Agent CRM Direct Mail saves money

You may send as few pieces of direct mail as you like, for a few cents each, or in bulk — mailing prices applied thanks to Direct Mail Commingling, which is essentially free.

The time you save by using Agent CRM Direct Mail allows you to plan for new initiatives that will generate even more revenue.

Let us know if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started. You can sign up for Mailbox Power at  

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