Timothy Milks asked us, “I’ve been uploading my data from my old CRM I’m realizing that I don’t have email addresses for a lot of my customers and the husband and the wife are using the same phone number in some cases and also I’m not for certain if the number I have is their cell phone number or not I’m assuming that’s important as well I’m having trouble getting all the data correctly also some of my customers have a mailing address like a PO Box and a physical address just have Questions about that In a nutshell I’m assuming that I need to make sure I have cell phone numbers for my customers and email addresses for my customers is that right?”

“You can import a contact with just a phone number, or just an email address.”

“Yes, just like what Alex mentioned, you don’t need to have both email or phone to be able to create a contact in Agent CRM. It can be either. But if you will upload a list without either of the two (email/phone), then the system won’t create a contact out of that column in your csv file.
By default, the system don’t allow duplicate contacts so if a husband and wife are using the same number on your csv file, then the system will just get the latest info and use it to create the contact.
Best way to upload your list is to clean them first before you import. Let us know if you need help! 🙂”

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