Greg asked, “I’m thinking of putting in some focus on SEO with my Medicare biz since now we can utilize Ai for articles.

I’m thinking of a full blog with the most asked questions.

Where do you suggest I start to implement?”

A couple notes:

  1. Yes, AI makes It SO EASY to create content
  2. Yes, SEO Is a great way to help your clients find you
  3. No, SEO Is not a quick fix and it is not a consistent lead generation system (Greg didn’t make this assumption, but wanted to throw that out there)
If you want to start building a content site, you can do it within Agent CRM! You do not need WordPress or another service.
You can start a new site in Agent CRM and then follow these steps to populate the new site:
1. From Sites > Blogs, Create a New Blog Post with a Title, Description, and a Blog Post image
Note – The image size allowed is 10MB
2. Add the content for your blog post using the editor toolbar
  • You can set add styles with bolditalicsunderlinestrikethrough text, fonts, styles, size
  • You can add an indent, number list, bulleted list, or to-do list
  • You can add color and highlight
  • You can add an image(s) or video(s) from the Media Library and YouTube and insert hyperlinks
  • You can add quotes for specific content
  • You can clear a particular format or format everything
3. Following by adding the content, you will be required to set up the details
  • URL Slug – This will be the path for your blog post
  • Category (this is set up in blog settings)
  • Keywords
  • Author (this is set up in blog settings)
  • Once the blog details are reviewed, then you can publish them with the specific past date or save them by keeping them in draft

Please Note:
This funnel or website page is going to be your main Blog page which contains all your blog posts which have been added in the Blogs section.
1. Create a new Funnel / Website or add a step/page to an existing one
2. Once the funnel step is added, go to the edit button to land on the editor
3. Click on the element named Blog Post List
  • Choose the element and type of layout between Standard and Compact
  • Pagination refers to the number of blog posts shown on the landing page
You can rename the ‘More stories’ button
Please Note
It is recommended to add a Header (Navigation menu) and Footer links to your main blog page
The “Blog Post List” element has several options. Blog type allows you to choose between “standard” or “compact,” the Pagination settings will enable you to select thetext will number of blog posts visible on the page, and the button options allow you to edit the button textwill, enable
4. Add Domain to the site from Funnel / Website Settings, if it is not already added
5. If you want the blog page to open when you enter your Domain without any path
For example, instead of – Go to Settings > Domains > Edit Domain> Select the blog page as Default Page
Please Note:
Category, Keywords, Author, and Slug CANNOT be updated after the blog has been published. The developers working on a solution which will be released soon

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