Agent CRM’s New Power Dialer is here with a joint venture with WAVV.

Agent CRM’s New Power Dialer allows your agents to place more calls in less time. By reducing your agents’ idle time, it streamlines your operation. Instead of wading through extensive contact lists and continuously considering call orders, they can concentrate on increasing sales.

Agent CRM’s New Power Dialer Increases Prospecting Efficiency

You can increase your prospecting efficiency with Agent CRM’s New Power Dialer. It assists life insurance companies in:

  • Increasing the contacts per hour
  • More people contacted = more appointments
  • Eliminating time spent dialing and leaving voicemails
  • Keeping insurance agents focused

Phone Calls with the WAVV Power Dialer

Call on 1-3 lines

  • Maximize contacts per hour with multi-line power dialer functionality
  • Hit contact & production goals
  • Minimize call reluctance

Voicemail Click-to-Drop

  • Remove the drag of leaving voicemails and save time by dropping a pre-recorded voicemail

Call Recording

  • Conveniently view recordings and call history
  • Improve your conversation and sales skills by listening to your past calls

Call Dispositions and Advanced Filters

  • Record the outcome of a phone call with a click
  • Easily filter records by call history and disposition
  • Track conversion stats against goals

Time Zone Protection

  • Phone numbers are automatically skipped if their current local time falls outside the time range you set
  • Avoid calling people too early or too late

Choice ID

  • Customize your Caller ID based on your audience
  • Drastically increase your answer rate

Multiple ways to connect

  • Use your phone to dial in and connect to WAVV
  • Have WAVV call you to connect
  • Call using your computer audio

User’s Review

“As part of my business plan, I talk to 40 people daily. With the Power Dialer, I can do that in the right around two hours. Before it would have taken me over four hours. In fact, the WAVV Power Dialer is calling over 100 numbers in that two-hour period. It’s essential to your efficiency and the best money you will ever spend.” ~ Paula Burlison

Comparison of Agent CRM’s New Power Dialer and Phone Burner


Features Phone Burner Agent CRM + WAVV
Single-Line Power Dialer YES YES
Multi-Line Power Dialer NO YES
Embedded NO YES
Smart Voicemail Drop YES YES
Free Ringless Voicemails YES YES
Time-Zone Protection YES YES
Call Recording YES YES
Choice Caller ID YES YES
Click to Call YES YES
Upload Callback Messages YES YES
Custom Disposition Boxes YES YES
Support Team YES YES
Call Forwarding YES YES
Reporting YES YES
Lead Distribution YES YES
Follow Up Cadence YES YES
Number Rotation YES YES
Local Presence YES NO
Call Transfer YES NO
Number Registration YES NO
Single Line Power Dialer $179 / mo $99 / mo
Multi Line Power Dialer Not Available $149 / mo

Comparison of Single Line Dialer and Multi Line Dialer

Features Single Line Dialer Multi Line Dialer
Call Campaigns YES YES
Call Lines 1 3
Call Recording YES YES
Click to Call YES YES
7500 Minutes YES YES
Calls via Computer or Phone YES YES
Timezone Protection YES YES
Smart Voicemail Drop YES YES
Upload Callback Messages NO YES

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